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Raising The Jolly Roger Over The Solent

Yo, ho, ho and a jug of Pimms ...



In the week that HMS Queen Elizabeth took to the seas for its first trials, Essendon Accounts and Tax raised its own flags and chartered two boats for a day out of fun packed action on the Solent ...

We had a fantastic time on the Solent during our treasure hunt!

We had a fantastic time on the Solent during our treasure hunt!

The fast ribs may not have had the same physical presence of a huge aircraft carrier, but we were still able to demonstrate strength on the Solent, quickly navigating the waters and hunting down the treasure of good food and plenty of Pimms.

So why were we out for the day?

  1. To have some fun!

    As we are half way through the year, and in the midst of summer, it is important for everyone to take some time out and do something they enjoy. It gives you time to refresh and recharge the batteries. It also gives you time to think and talk to those you surround with and strengthen those relationships.

  2. To say thank you to people for all their recent support!

    People like to feel appreciated. We are fortunate at Essendon to have some partners with whom we collaborate. This is what helps make Essendon different, so we can genuinely help others. This is why we are keen to make introductions where we can and make a difference.

These values of collaboration and introduction are further strengthened buy our regular breakfast networking group. Next Wednesday, we are fortunate to have a top litigator present to us on why mediation is so important if a business finds itself in dispute. Hopefully there won't be any of my clients in such circumstances, but at least we will have briefed them.

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