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The Life And Times Of A Business Godparent

Who do you surround yourself with?



We all have defining moments in our lives. Yes, marrying my dear wife is up there at the very top, but being forced to have a career gap in my early twenties due to illness is in the top ten also ...

I'm really proud of the team we've built at Essendon Accounts & Tax!

I'm really proud of the team we've built at Essendon Accounts & Tax!

I conquered M.E. with the unfaltering support of my family and by surrounding myself with my wonderful family, a remarkable physician, a great psychologist and new found friends from Northampton Rotaract.

"They were simply the best
possible team!"

In 1993, I embarked on a new career with a family run accountancy practice in Market Harborough helping family businesses navigate the often choppy waters of business.

I loved my time there, but I always had the vision of running my own business with a Jaguar coupe parked outside the office and the floating gin palace waiting for me at the weekend.

I may not have achieved all three yet but I am living the dream of heading up Essendon Accounts & Tax and helping others achieve their own dreams.

"Watching clients making positive changes before your eyes is so fulfilling!"

I have seen clients suddenly get their Sunday afternoons back from the laborious task of the weekly bookkeeping; I have seen clients double their profit; I have seen clients make that change of working in their business to working on it instead, The list of wins for my clients seem endless to me.

Those ME days taught me that you perform so much better with the right people around you. Essendon is not just thriving because of me, it is because we surround ourselves with the best collaborators and tools available to us:

  • I have the tools to tell me what profit Essendon made last week

  • I have the tools to predict my cash flow and profits going forward

  • I have a data analytics expert who can, at the press of a button, show me where the profit is coming from

  • I have an adviser to challenge me and be accountable to

  • I have an IT consultant who is ready in case we have a cyber attack

So do you have the right tools and collaborators around you? I urge you to seek them out.

I felt quite humbled the other day when two clients reported back that after chatting together about me, they concluded the best description of me was as their 'business godparent'.

"Thank goodness they don't think I'm just another boring grey accountant!"

In my weekly blog posts, I look forward to sharing with you the life of a business godparent. In the meantime, if you'd like to chat, you can give me a call on 01908 774320 or click here to ping over an email and let's start a conversation.

Until next time ...

Business Godparent

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More about Roger Eddowes ...

Roger trained at Edward Thomas Peirson & Sons in Market Harborough before working at Hartwell & Co, followed by Chancery, as a partner. He started Essendon Accounts and Tax with Helen Beaumont in 2014 as a general practitioner with a hands-on approach.

Roger loves getting his hands dirty, working with emerging, small-to-medium and family businesses to ensure they receive the best possible accountancy advice. Roger utilises an extensive network of business contacts to leverage the best guidance and practical solutions.