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The 35th America's Cup: Making Yachts Fly

We can make your business fly too ...



As we head towards June, many of us will be glued to the telly watching some great sporting events. This summer could be special though as it's the 35th America's Cup, the world's oldest sporting trophy ...

It's the 35th America's Cup this summer and Land Rover have been working with Sir Ben Ainslie!

It's the 35th America's Cup this summer and Land Rover have been working with Sir Ben Ainslie!

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We have a clash of the titans this year with our very own Sir Ben Ainslie versus Jimmy Spithill of the USA. Yes, there are four other teams who may get in the way, but I am hoping that Ben will triumph. Oracle Team USA had a 1-8 deficit in the 2013 campaign only to turn it around to a 9-8 victory when they brought Ben in to help.

So now Ben has his own team, Land Rover BAR (BAR = Ben Ainslie Racing), and you are probably wondering why Land Rover are part of this aqua bourne challenge. Amongst many things, they have designed a unique steering wheel which will enable Ben to make up to 1,200 changes to the rudders and foils in a 20-minute race.

"These yachts are serious £10m craft and literally fly over the water!"

Similarly, with my clients, I see them putting in every effort they can to make their own businesses fly and meet the challenges thrown at them in today's competitive economy.

At least they have teamed up with Essendon to provide them with the 'special steering wheels' and other equipment they need such as cloud-based accounting packages, cloud-based cash flow projections and data analysis tools to show them the most profitable customers or product lines.

"Robust systems and processes are vital for success, on land and at sea!"

These systems and processes need to be constantly reviewed. Only the other day a new client came to me convinced they were quite happy with a 2004 version of a well-known accounting package.

Yes, it may work now, but with the software company not supporting it anymore, what happens if there is a glitch or a cyber attack? Where will they be left then? Certainly not flying across the choppy waters.

So if you want to use the latest and safest financial reporting packages and join Sir Ben Ainslie at the top of your game, then do call me on 01908 774320 for a free software demonstration. You can click here to send an email enquiry if you'd like to.

In the meantime, enjoy the spectacle of the 35th America's Cup. I'll be on the edge of my sofa watching every second of every race. Let's hope Sir Ben Ainslie can make history this summer. It's about time we had the trophy back on our shores after 166 years.

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