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A Fabulous Evening With Mark Lawson

At the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club ...



As it was Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, I was really honoured to host an evening with Mark Lawson in aid of Rethink Mental Health. The event at the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club in Paulerspury ...

Journalist, broadcaster and author Mark Lawson gave a fantastic talk about his career!

Journalist, broadcaster and author Mark Lawson gave a fantastic talk about his career!

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It was pouring down so we had some of our team outside with brollies to escort my clients and business friends into the building. Greeting each one at the door, I got a good feeling that everyone was really looking forward to hearing Mark speak.

"I was pleased it was so well attended!"

Some gentle networking over a glass of wine with us selling raffle tickets in aid of Rethink Mental Health and I introduced Mark who immediately put his audience at ease with some great stories about his career.

He played us the unedited recordings of his interview with Russell Crowe who got a bit sweary part way through the interview and it ended up with the star getting the hump and walking out! Mark kept his cool throughout the interview, and it was funny to compare his professionalism with the emotions of the actor.

Mark moved on to talk about his books and described the first two volumes of a trilogy he's writing. He included some anecdotes from his own career which he used when initially thinking of the plots for each one.

As we were there to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, I was pleased when Mark opened up about a number of issues he'd had with his own mental health and was honoured when he mentioned me as someone who contributed to his recovery when he felt so low.

It can happen to us all. I've dealt with physical illness in my own past that caused a serious depression, and I know that some this evening's audience have dealt with their own issues or those of a loved one.

"It was lovely to see so many people relaxed and open to learning more!"

At the end of Mark's talk, there was a short Q&A session and we rounded off the evening with a raffle, with the money raised going to Rethink Mental Health which is Essendon Accounts and Tax's chosen charity.

It was quite funny when Mark won a couple of the prizes himself. It was very chivalrous of him to put the tickets back and draw again, so audience members were guaranteed a win.

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