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Starting A Business: The Importance Of Market Research

Do your market research before you start ...



If you're thinking of starting a business, then you may already have a great idea. However, just running it past your friends and family is only going to get you positive remarks. Like Xero say, you need to do your marketing research ...

When you're starting a business, doing your market research is vital!

When you're starting a business, doing your market research is vital!

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Market research should be an inherent part of your business, but it's even more important to conduct it before you even start. What if your idea is already a business? Are you going to be able to compete with existing players? Or even, could your idea infringe on someone else's intellectual property?

It's important to know who's doing what already, just as much as it's important to know who's going to buy from you and just how big the market for your products or services is. Market research will even tell you where your customers hang out, be that in physical spaces or online via sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram.

During your research, ask yourself non-financial questions such as:

  • Who will purchase from you?

  • How are you going to communicate your offering to your target market?

  • How is your target market going to purchase from you?

  • Will your product or service be out of fashion or overtaken by technological advances before you even have the chance to bring it to market?

  • Will you be able to source the appropriate level of working capital?

Remember, failure to do your market research will inevitably increase the chances of failure of the business. We can all read horrifying statistics like those quoted recently in the Daily Telegraph that 50% of start-ups in the UK fail within five years.

"So market research should be part of your business strategy from before day one!"

Xero has put together a series of videos that I know you're going to find useful, and so this week, I thought I'd include their first video, which is surprisingly about market research and the inspiration behind this week's blog post.

A potential client contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would meet up for a coffee to hear about her business idea. She was full of enthusiasm and I could instantly tell she would put more than 100% into making her business successful.

However, as she said she needed the guidance and wisdom of someone who had lived through a similar experience. The idea was great but was it feasible? her idea may be great to her as she but would others view it in the same way. I advised her that one of the first tasks is to undertake market research.

"Would you like to know more?"

We work with many new start-ups and I always recommend that they watch videos such as this one from Xero, one of the great cloud-based accounting packages suitable for start-ups.

But if you've done your research and want to take your business further, call us on 01908 774320 or click here to ping over an email and let's see how we can help you get started.

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