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Outsource Your Payroll: Is It Becoming A Bit Of A Headache?

Let Essendon do it for you instead ...



For small businesses with less than 25 employees, it's more cost effective to outsource your payroll function rather than try to do it yourself. Fortunately, Essendon has a payroll bureau ...

You can outsource your payroll to us if it's all becoming a bit of a headache!

You can outsource your payroll to us if it's all becoming a bit of a headache!

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We've been running weekly/monthly payrolls for a number of our clients for many years, and pride ourselves on getting them penny perfect each time, ensuring the right deductions are made and that employees get paid when they expect.

"So why would you want to outsource your payroll to us?"

There are many good reasons for it. I think the most important one is that an employer should be focussing on more productive matters such as winning new business. Having to block out hours each week to run a payroll is a huge waste of any small business owners time.

Other great reasons to outsource your payroll include:

  • You wouldn't have to pay for specialist software

  • The payroll provider will have the relevant knowledge of current payroll legislation saving you time and effort to acquire such knowledge

  • Changes in payroll legislation are taken care of

  • minimise the risk of an incorrect payslip being issued and the consequences thereof

So if I haven't convinced you to outsource and you want to take on the chore of preparing payslips yourself, then according to the Employment Rights Act a payslip must include the following:

  1. The gross amount of the wages or salary

  2. The amounts of any variable, and any fixed, deductions from that gross amount and the purposes for which they are made

  3. The net amount of wages or salary payable

  4. Where different parts of the net amount are paid in different ways, the amount and method of payment of each part-payment

The payslip must also include a pay date and must be printed out for your records. If you wish to send it by email, you must get the recipient to confirm their email address which also shouldn't be shared.

Remember, email is not secure so it is recommended a secure portal login is used that can be password protected (ie each employee has their own unique login to access their own payslip).

"Does that all sound too much? Why not outsource your payroll to Essendon?"

If you'd like to find out more about our payroll bureau and how easy it is for you to outsource your payroll to us, call me on 01908 774320 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how we can help you.

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