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Dude, My Boat Has Been Found!

It's spring bank holiday weekend ...



It's half term week, the sun is out, the sausages are sizzling on the BBQ, and many will be in holiday mode. But did you know a third of small business owners didn't have a summer holiday last year? Many others don't take more than a week off ...

I shall be taking my own advice! My boat is in the water and we're ready to set sail!

I shall be taking my own advice! My boat is in the water and we're ready to set sail!

How damaging is that to their business and themselves? You need space and time to see things as they really are and put things into perspective. Take a holiday and you will return healthier, both physically and mentally.

Everyone needs to have a well-deserved break so as we approach the summer here are a few of my tips:

  • Let key clients know that you are away recharging the batteries so that you will return in a robust state to help them with their business.

  • Plan things back in the office so you schedule work in for your return, have cover to take and deal with the calls, emails and daily tasks while you are away.

  • Don't feel guilty about taking time off. Give yourself permission to go away. You will come back in better shape. Have you ever had work colleagues who seem to have more holidays than you while you play the martyr? Surely if you increase the amount of time you have off, you are less likely to dwell on other people always being away?

  • Have a literal 'digital detox! I appreciate that we all live in a new age where we are supposed to respond to digital communication almost instantaneously, so as a maximum I would avoid temptation and advise accessing your email only once a day, say in the early evening, so you're not thinking about your business all day. This will at least put your mind at ease and clients will soon cotton on that you are away for their benefit. After all, if it's urgent, people will call you.

  • Plan, plan and plan again. Get the desk clear before you go, get that travel cover, don't forget to check your passport is in date well in advance, ensure the barnacles aren't growing on the bottom of the boat!

I shall be taking my own advice! My boat is in the water on the Solent, there is a stay booked in Northumberland (please forward your recommended eating places around Bamburgh) so I say, go on, take a holiday yourself!

If you feel you can't jet off somewhere, why not just have a staycation? Head to the beach, climb a mountain; have you explored your local countryside? Britain really is a lovely place to explore and enjoy.

Until next time ...

Business Godparent

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