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Could Your Dog Be Your Perfect Work Colleague?

Occasionally slobbery, but certainly fun ...

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During this Covid-19 pandemic, a huge proportion of the population have found themselves working from home, often perched precariously on a bedside table with their laptop. It has been a challenge for both us and the family pooch too ...

A doggy work companion is a perfect, albeit occasionally slobbery, solution!

A doggy work companion is a perfect, albeit occasionally slobbery, solution!

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To suddenly have their morning slumber disturbed by the phone or a video conference has been a challenge for our canine companions, so we ask ourselves, is a dog your perfect work colleague?

  • Dogs love their routine so they will make sure you are up on time to get that morning walk in before being ready at your desk for the first video meeting. No lying-in just because you are working from home! Somehow, we need to programme them differently for weekends and this can be a challenging task.

  • Dogs don't listen to the morning news. So when we have just heard of the latest distressing COVID-19 story, our mood is lifted when we are greeted by the waggy tail and licks.

  • They are always up for a coffee break! Poppy routinely gives me a nudge at 10.30 to remind me of my mid-morning coffee, presumably because it comes with a biscuit. From a human point of view, it's important to take those breaks to keep the energy levels and aid concentration.

  • The dog will certainly not let you forget to take a lunch break. It will be by your side drooling for that tit-bit.

  • After lunch is definitely the time for a doggy nap. As the expression says, "let sleeping dogs lie", and this is certainly true. So, you sit at the desk daring not to move and cause a disturbance meaning you actually get that piece of work done on time.

  • And finally, have you ever tried doing a Pilates lesson with your pooch in the room? It always brings a smile to our faces when Poppy joins in and tries the exercises out herself.

It's important during times like this to find the little things in life that make us smile, and having a doggy work colleague is a perfect, albeit occasionally slobbery, solution.

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