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Why Blogging Is A Must For Any Small Business

And how to do it right ...



Essendon has been blogging for a while now and we publish a new post every single Monday without fail. Doing this has brought in additional enquiries that we wouldn't have received if we'd just had a website ...

Our blog has brought in many enquiries by both phone and email!

Our blog has brought in many enquiries by both phone and email!

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Your blog should be considered a marketing channel in its own right. Your website is designed for Google so needs good SEO to rank well and your blog is designed for social media so it's important to be able to share posts from it quickly and easily.

"Of course, there is a crossover here!"

You can share your website on social media and blog posts will rank in search, but generally, they can be considered as unique channels of your overall marketing landscape.

When you get a new website, your web designer will offer you a blog 'inside' your website. This would be at ''. This works fine if you're just starting out or you have someone inside your business to blog for you, but what if you want someone to do it for you?

"Ok, you could give someone the keys to your website, but there is a better way!"

At Essendon, we have our blog with run by Steffi Lewis. Her platform combines the best of Wordpress, Hootsuite and MailChimp and offers everything you need, all in one place, all done for you on a simple monthly subscription.

Although Steffi is a 25-year veteran of the internet, she's not a web designer ... her platform is purely about business blogging and that's what makes it so good ... because it's so focused.

The first thing to note is that has its own servers. When you get a blog with Steffi, it will be at '' rather than the other way around mentioned above.

Many web designers will baulk at this idea, claiming your blog needs to be inside your website, but they're right and wrong at the same time ... your blog has to be inside your domain!

"Imagine what Steffi does as a blogging production line!"

Each week, I get nagged by email to send in some words of wisdom for Steffi's editors to turn into a blog post. I'll then spend 20 minutes jotting down my raw thoughts and email them over, they get scheduled and the day before publication will be edited.

On editing day, the words are spell checked, grammar checked and the focus and flow are tweaked to make it easy to read. All the bells and whistles needed for a finished, polished blog post get added and a licensed image is sourced.

And then I get to approve it so I can always be sure that the blog post fits the Essendon brand, it's in my own voice and that the changes Steffi's editor made still fit within the original theme of what I sent over.

One our publication day ... a Monday ... I'll get an email around 8am to let me know it's been published. The nice thing is that our office manager Gemma get CC'd in on that so she can get on with sharing it to our social media channels.

Later in the day, Steffi also emails it out to our client list and we have around a 40% open rate and a 10% clickthru rate, so I know that our clients are seeing our blog posts, week in, week out and responding when something I write about resonates with them.

I'm very happy with and the blogging service Steffi offers. Since we started blogging in 2017, we've had many phone and email enquiries and lots of people have clicked through from our blog to our website to find out more, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to connect with us

As a tool for sharing Essendon's brand, our knowledge within the practice and our personalities, I can't think of a more comprehensive way to do it than blogging. And make it so simple for me as a busy business owner.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend what Steffi does and the benefits to my business!"

If you'd like to find out more about blogging for your business, then do give Steffi a call on 0333 335 0420 or visit to learn more. You'll love blogging with her.

Until next time ...

Business Godparent

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