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Navigating The Summer of Sport 2024

HR issues and how you can manage them ...


Posted by Roger Eddowes on 13/06/2024 @ 8:00AM

The Summer of sport 2024 has a number of major events happening at the same time and it's set to be an exciting and eventful few months. While these bring a sense of national pride and excitement, they can also pose challenges for businesses ...

With proper planning and management, businesses can make the most of the summer of sport!

With proper planning and management, businesses can make the most of the summer of sport!

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Holiday requests are among the most common HR issues businesses face during major sporting events. With employees wanting to take time off to watch their favourite teams or attend live events, businesses may face a surge in holiday requests.

"It is essential to have a fair and consistent policy in place for handling holiday requests!"

This policy should consider the needs of the business while also being mindful of employee wellbeing. It is important to avoid any bias towards certain nationalities and ensure that decisions are made fairly.

Another challenge businesses may face is managing employee expectations around watching or listening to sporting events during working hours. While it may be tempting to allow employees to watch or listen to events at work, it is important to do so fairly and consistently.

Allowing only certain employees to watch or listen to events based on their nationality can lead to feelings of discrimination. A better approach would be to have a policy in place that allows all employees to take breaks or adjust their working hours to watch events they are interested in.

"It is important to ensure this does not disrupt the overall productivity of the business!"

In addition to holiday requests and distractions during working hours, businesses may also face unexpected absences during major sporting events. To deter employees from taking unauthorised time off, it is advisable to inform them that attendance levels will be monitored during this time.

Employees should be aware that any unauthorised absences will be considered a form of misconduct and may result in disciplinary action. This will help to ensure that employees are aware of the consequences of taking unauthorised time off and discourage them from doing so.

And what if one of our national teams reaches the semi-finals? Will you stay open for longer? While this may seem like an opportunity to boost sales, it can also create staffing issues. It is important for businesses to have a plan in place for this scenario, whether it is asking employees to work longer hours or hiring temporary staff. It is also important to ensure necessary license extensions are in place to sell alcohol during extended hours.

"The 2024 summer of sport in the UK presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses!"

As a business owner or manager, it is important to be proactive and prepared for potential HR issues such as holiday requests, distractions during working hours, and unexpected absences. Having fair and consistent policies in place, communicating expectations to employees, and being prepared for potential staffing issues can help businesses navigate these challenges successfully.

With proper planning and management, businesses can make the most of the summer of sport while maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction.

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