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Millions Expected To Miss Self-Assessment Tax Deadline

Is HMRC becoming a drag on the economy?


Posted by Roger Eddowes on 29/01/2024 @ 8:00AM

With the self-assessment tax deadline just a few days away, millions of UK taxpayers are feeling the pressure to file their tax returns on time. However, recent reports have revealed that HMRC has been facing significant failings, potentially causing chaos and consequences for those who miss the deadline ...

HMRC's own failings have caused delays and technical issues, leaving many struggling to meet the self-assessment deadline!

HMRC's own failings have caused delays and technical issues, leaving many struggling to meet the self-assessment deadline!

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According to the latest statistics from HMRC, around 11.7 million people in the UK are required to complete a self-assessment tax return. This includes self-employed individuals, landlords, and those with high incomes.

"The deadline for submitting these tax returns is midnight
on the 31st of January!"

However, experts are now warning that HMRC's failings may cause a significant number of taxpayers to miss the deadline. A recent report by the National Audit Office (NAO) found that HMRC's customer service has been deteriorating, with long wait times on helplines and delays in processing tax returns. This has left many taxpayers struggling to meet the deadline.

One of the major concerns is that taxpayers who are unable to file their tax returns on time may face penalties and interest charges, even if the delay is due to HMRC's failings. This could lead to financial consequences for individuals and businesses who may already be struggling due to the pandemic.

The NAO report also highlighted that HMRC's digital services, which are meant to make the process easier for taxpayers, have been plagued with technical issues. This has resulted in taxpayers not being able to access their accounts or submit their tax returns online, leading to further delays and frustration.

"The failings have not gone unnoticed, with many accountants (including me), tax professionals and industry bodies expressing their concerns!"

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) has called for HMRC to provide additional support and flexibility for those who may miss the deadline due to the failings. They have also urged HMRC to waive penalties and interest charges for those who are affected.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has also raised concerns about the impact of HMRC's failings on taxpayers. They have highlighted the need for HMRC to improve its customer service and provide better support for those struggling to meet the deadline.

The situation has caused frustration and anxiety for many taxpayers, who are now left unsure of their tax obligations and concerns about potential penalties. With the deadline fast approaching, HMRC must address these failings and provide support for those who may be affected.

"HMRC's own failings have caused delays and technical issues, leaving many struggling to meet the self-assessment deadline!"

I believe it is crucial for HMRC to address these issues and provide support for those who may be affected. Taxpayers are advised to seek professional advice and contact HMRC if they are facing difficulties in filing their tax returns on time.

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