The Business Godparent Newsletter Summer 2020

As we come out of hibernation and the bustle returns, there's no doubt that many of us are now bracing for more stress. Yes, the Chancellor has helped to a degree, but it is us entrepreneurs who'll ultimately get Britain moving again ...

I'm very mindful of both what my clients have endured so far, and what's ahead for them so I've ensured the Essendon team keep in touch with as many of them as possible.

Whilst we shall continue to do so because all of our clients are important to us, I hope this issue of The Business Godparent can provide you with some hope and inspiration as we start to get to grips with the new normal.


So, why not relax for a bit now and put a little time aside with a coffee to have a read of this latest issue of The Business Godparent? Once again, I hope you'll find it packed full of useful tips to help you tackle the weird and wonderful world of accounting, and give you the odd smile too.

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