The Business Godparent Newsletter Spring 2022

Welcome to the 14th edition of The Business Godparent. It's a certain fact that things are tough in the world at the moment, but as business owners, we must keep strong and keep our wits about us ...

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK, and the UK needs us. This edition of The Business Godparent recaps the Spring Statement and we have guest articles from Tristan Allen and James Rowell.

On the Red Sofa this time, is Dom Muscat from Bucks Biz, talking to us about property and business development and you can also challenge your Royal knowledge in our Jubilee Quiz.

So, why not relax for a bit now and put a little time aside with a coffee to have a read of this latest issue of The Business Godparent? Once again, we hope you'll find it packed full of useful tips to help you tackle the weird and wonderful world of accounting, and give you the odd smile too.

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