The Art Of Managing Employee Sickness Absence

As a business owner or manager, addressing employee sickness absence can be challenging. In this blog post, I will discuss key aspects to consider when managing sickness absence ...

It's never a good thing when employees are absent so the most important task is to create a clear policy. Establish a clear and concise sickness absence policy to ensure that employees understand the company's expectations and procedures for reporting illness.

This policy should include guidelines for notification, documentation, and absence duration, but other things to think about include:

- Offer support and maintain communication: Maintain open lines of communication with employees on sick leave to offer support and monitor their progress. This can help identify any additional resources or accommodations they may need during their recovery.

- Consider flexible working arrangements: Depending on the nature of the employee's role and the severity of their illness, it might be beneficial to explore flexible working arrangements, such as reduced hours or remote work. This can provide the necessary support and enable the employee to continue contributing to the team while they recover.

- Consult with your workforce: If you decide to modify your existing sickness absence policy, it's crucial to consult with your workforce first. Engage in open conversations and gather their input to uncover potential alternatives that may be more appropriate for your team.

- Address Long Covid: Long Covid is a growing concern, with symptoms ranging from extreme tiredness to joint pain and memory issues. Be prepared to support employees experiencing Long Covid and consider making adjustments to their work environment or schedule as needed.

- Leverage expert consultancy services: I have a number of trusted connections who can help you, acting as your own HR department. By taking advantage of this service, you'll receive expert guidance on managing sickness absences and other HR-related matters.

Remember, a proactive approach to managing sickness absence can contribute to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. By implementing these strategies and seeking expert advice, you can ensure the well-being of your employees while maintaining business productivity.

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