SSP Self-Certification Period Temporarily Extended To 28 Days

Under normal circumstances, employees can self-certify absences through sickness for the first seven days. Because of the pandemic, this was recently increased to 28-days ...

This extension allows GPs to focus on the COVID-19 booster rollout, though the 28-day limit will be reduced again soon, once pressure on the NHS has reduced and the booster programme is complete.

If an employee is eligible to receive SSP, medical evidence is not required unless the absence is going to be longer than the legal threshold. Then, like normal, they need a fit note from their GP.

This change to SSP Self-Certification was introduced on the 17th of December 2021, but covers absences from the 10th of December, up to and including absences on or before the 26th of January 2022.

The SSP Self-Certification certification period will revert back to seven days beginning the 27th of January 2022.

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