Mental Health: Are You Addicted To Tech?

Just as we prioritise our physical health, it is essential to recognise the significance of mental well-being and take proactive steps to foster a healthy relationship with technology. Employers can take the lead here ...

The pervasiveness of technology in our lives, coupled with the pressures of the economy and daily challenges in our lives, can exacerbate anxiety and stress. Reports indicate that mental health problems affect one in seven individuals in the workplace, and a significant portion of sick leave can be attributed to mental health conditions.

"To address this issue, it's vital that employers develop strategies to support their teams!"

Having proper procedures in place allow them to communicate their needs to managers and supervisors effectively, ensuring the necessary support is in place. Conversely, senior team members must be on the lookout for signs of mental health difficulties in the people they supervise.

Open communication, led from the top of an organisation, is crucial. Rather than waiting until someone reaches breaking point, it's beneficial to have that support available so individuals can regularly share their feelings with trusted individuals in the organisation. Creating a habit of openness can help alleviate stress and prevent mental health issues from escalating.

In the context of the digital age, concerns about job security and the impact of artificial intelligence add an additional layer of anxiety. The rapid adoption of generative AIs like ChatGPT has led to heightened worries about automation leading to job losses. While change can be alarming, it's important to note that AI isn't poised to entirely replace humans in the workforce.

"Employers have an opportunity to offer new skills to their employees and harness the potential of these advancements!"

As we embrace the benefits of technology, it's essential to strike a balance and be mindful of our well-being. Mental health should be nurtured alongside physical health, as both are interconnected.

Employers can take the lead when it comes to the mental health well-being of their team members.

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