Gift Aid Is A Major Legacy Of The Duke Of Edinburgh

Prince Philip was a great supporter of non-profit organisations and charities across the United Kingdom; however, one little known fact is that without him, Gift Aid may never have happened ...

I was saddened to see the Queen sitting alone during the beautiful tribute to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh on Saturday. It just went to highlight the absurdity of some of the rules of Lockdown where a grieving widow cannot receive comfort during a funeral service. However, I did take heart by remembering the contributions the Duke made during his long lifetime.

"Without him, Gift Aid may never have existed!"

In the 1980s, Prince Philip got prominent philanthropists, heads of charities and government ministers together in a room and challenged them to do more to support the charitable sector. The Government listened and created the Gift Aid scheme, allowing non-profit organisations such as charities to claim more back from HMRC.

He was passionate about public service, about our younger generation and individual service to our communities. This drove him to create the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme in 1956, which has seen thousands of young people from over 140 countries achieve the treasured bronze, silver and gold awards.

With a very enquiring mind, a strong sense of duty, and his quirky sense of humour, Prince Philip was a driving force behind changing the charitable sector for the better, and led by example with the D of E scheme that has benefited so many young people around the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh, companion to our Queen for over 70 years, and someone who truly knew what a life of service meant, will be greatly missed by us all. His legacy of the D of E awards, his hand in the creation of Gift Aid and his many contributions to non-profit and charitable organisations around the world will live on forever.

RIP Prince Philip ... and thank you.

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