Get Ready For Full Customs Declarations For EU Imports And Exports

Following on from the United Kingdom exiting the EU, border controls are finally being phased in with the latest customs declarations applying from the 1st of January 2022 ...

This next phase involves the introduction of full customs declarations and controls from the start of the year. traders must then meet full customs requirements, at the point of importation from the EU including declarations regardless if it is a controlled or non-controlled good.

"VAT and excise duty will be applied where necessary!"

Any traders importing animal products must submit pre-notifications from the 1st of January, but physical checks that are currently in place will continue at the point of destination until July 2022.

HMRC has updated its guidance for any commercial vessel reporting goods that have arrived at a UK port as well as getting clearance to leave.

Also remember, there are different reporting requirements for Northern Ireland.

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