COVID-19 Has Made Health & Safety Everyone’s Business

This week, I have a guest post from Amy and Priti of the SHE Community Hub. They are talking about Health & Safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take it away ladies ...

In any business, setting a clear vision, strategy and a supporting plan is fundamental. In fact, you wouldn't start a business without one, whether that's selling a product or service. It is exactly the same for Health & Safety, yet so many companies forget to define these or define them well.

"Covid-19 has made Health & Safety everyone's business!"

The difference in Health and Safety is we don't call them a vision, strategy or plan (we should really), we call it a Health & Safety Policy, which is made up of three parts. We know that for most; the thought of this tends to be like fingers down a black board, but by making it relevant, removing the jargon and seeing the benefits we know you will love it just as much as we do (well maybe not quite as much as us, but a little more than before).

To help our clients, we use the common business tool of the 5Ws: WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW. Most people are familiar with this tool, so it is relatable:

- Part 1: Statement of Intent – This is your Vision and Strategy; The WHAT. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? What do you want your teams and customers to feel? What will be your strategy?

- Part 2: Roles and Responsibilities – The WHO – Who do you need if you want to deliver part 1. Ask yourself who plays what role in delivering Health and Safety? Are they trained? Are they knowledgeable and experienced? Everyone can play their part, so often when we go to site we are told, "Oh yes, we have someone who does Health & Safety, that's John's job!"

- Part 3: H&S Arrangements – This is your Plan – The HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. Ask yourself, how will you deliver your vision and strategy? You may need to introduce systems, processes and tools. Where are your risks? Where will these be communicated? When will you know you have done well and Why may changes be necessary?

The current coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example of why changes to your Health and Safety Policy may be necessary. Now, more than ever, having confidence in your plans and being COVID-secure is crucial, both for your teams and customers.

"We need to feel safe to regain momentum in business!"

It has been incredible watching communities and companies all come together. Everyone is stepping up to the health and safety mantle, putting on their 'metaphoric hard hat' and trying to navigate their way through all of the guidance to protect each other.

The Health & Safety Policy is however just one part of the overall picture, there is much more. We know at times it can feel like a lonely job, even a weight of responsibility, but it doesn't have to be. We will happily, albeit metaphorical, hold you hand throughout the process. Remember it is our job and we love it.

We like to think of Health & Safety as a choice, so don't leave it to chance.

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