Coronavirus: The Positives Of Lockdown

Lockdown was imposed across the United Kingdom in March 2020 and it hasn't been easy for any of us. But as lockdown has eased further over the weekend, let's look back on some of the benefits we enjoyed as a nation ...

- Did you know that more than 300,000 people have stopped smoking in the last few weeks? And for those who couldn't actually stop altogether, nearly 2 1/2 million have cut down at least. (Joint Study YouGov and ASH).
- FLORA did a survey regarding eating habits and of the 2,000 people they interviewed, 25% had increased the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables they are eating. Fewer sarnies munched on the hoof, we guess.
- We mustn't overlook the effect things have had on our environment. Air pollution decreased significantly whilst we weren't all hopping in our cars. And this will have given wildlife a bit of breathing space, as well as helped those who suffer from asthma.
- With the only opportunity to get some fresh air being our single exercise outing each day, many of us made the most of the time we were allowed. Bike sales shot up fivefold, and we're pretty sure that more pairs of trainers were allowed to realise their true vocation at long last.

So all in all, you could say lockdown has at least led to some healthier habits. And that's bound to have an impact on the amount of energy we have for moving our businesses forward, eh?

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