Companies House Warning On Scam Emails

Companies House has released a warning that their customers have received a spate of suspicious emails claiming to have been sent from them when they're actually from scammers ...

It is an important time with many companies completing end-of-year accounts, and they could easily be duped into sharing information. Companies House will never contact you by email.

"Never share secure information!"

If the email is asking for the names of officers or for things like authentication codes, then you can assume it's spam. Always check the 'from' email address and even the 'reply to' address and if anything suspicious jumps out at you then either bin the email or forward it to Companies House at

Whatever you do, never click on any link contained within a suspicious email as they could lead to compromised websites and infect your computer with viruses or dangerous malware. Always check the URL ends with and you can usually do this by rolling your mouse over the link and just waiting a second or so for the full URL to appear.

"If isn't on the end, it's not from them!"

And if anyone phones you claiming to be from Companies House and asks for secure information, try to get a return phone number then call Companies House immediately on 0303 1234 500 and let them know.

If you are completing your end-of-year accounts you're likely to be quite distracted, so do be careful.

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