Companies House To Resume The Compulsory Strike Off Process

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Companies House suspended both the voluntary and compulsory strike-off process earlier in the year. These will resume soon ...

The voluntary strike-off process will resume on the 10th of September, and the compulsory strike-off process resumes on the 10th of October. Companies House will start to remove a company from the register if it believes it is no longer carrying on business.

Criteria for strike-off include:

- outstanding company documents and no response to letters
- letters that Companies House sent being returned undelivered
- the company has no directors

Any company that doesn't file its annual accounts will usually receive two letters before a notice is published in the Gazette informing the public that Companies House intends to strike-off the company.

"If there are no objections during the two months following the notice, then the company will be struck-off!"

Lockdown closed a lot of businesses and, although directors were allowed to do statutory filings, many got forgotten due to furloughing. I strongly recommend that now is the time to check you're up to date with your statutory filings and get them submitted to Companies House as soon as you can.

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