Chancellor Launches Help To Grow Management Programme

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, recently launched the new Help to Grow management programme. This offers 12-weeks of skills training to small business owners ...

Designed to build up their expertise, the courses are delivered by the UK's leading business schools. Help to Grow management programme combines a practical curriculum with one-to-one mentoring, peer learning sessions and an alumni network.

"Participants will develop their own tailored business growth plan!"

There will be 30,000 places available over the three-year management programme, and new courses will be added on a rolling basis depending on demand. It is being coordinated by the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

So, far, over 600 businesses have signed up for the scheme, though with the Chancellor's public involvement, the Government are looking for many more. Over 10,000 have registered their interest, although not committed to the training yet.

The Government believe that small business can play a pivotal role in boosting the UK's productivity and Rishi Sunak said himself that they are key to our innovation and essential to our recovery post-pandemic.

So, far, five universities have signed up to deliver courses. These are Portsmouth, Derby, Nottingham and Birmingham City. Coventry, Kingston, Strathclyde and Nottingham Trent are currently in the preparation phase and will be open to sign-ups soon.

Leading business groups such as the CBI, FSB and IoD have all been involved with the development of the Help to Grow management programme!

I do feel that the launch of Help to Grow will be a welcome addition to the Government's support of the small business sector. SME's will lead the post-pandemic recovery, and equipping leaders with more skills can only be a good thing.

You can find out more and even sign-up by clicking here.

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