Cashflow Forecasting Bolt-on Free To Essendon Clients!

When we have an economic crisis it's even more important for a business to prepare cashflow forecasts. In simple terms, a cash flow is the flow of money in and out of a business and the warning signals sound when it turns negative .. ...

As cash runs out, problems with the business can escalate out of control. For example, suppliers get paid late, the bank manger gets twitchy about loan repayments, employees don't get paid on time, or at all.

"You need to know when there is going to be a problem before it occurs!"

A cashflow forecast can of course be prepared on a bit of paper or even on a spreadsheet, but wouldn't it be great if you could have once prepared at the touch of a, button on your computer?

Well, for those businesses using cloud accounting packages such as Xero and Quickbooks Online, Fluidly are currently offering their starter version bolt-on free of charge to Essendon clients.

It will provide a 90-day forecast that's automatically generated and always up to date. The objective is to simply help businesses manage their way through the economic downturn and plan for a successful future.

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