Accountants Change Lives!

A recent survey of 1,000 businesses (admittedly in America), asked what they wanted from an accountant ...

I've always believed that this is the case. That is why I created a community with my EAT breakfast networking group as a focal point. It meets once a month and enables like-minded entrepreneurs to come together to share experiences and problems in a confidential environment.

"Being in business can be lonely so why not join us? It’s fun, and you will always come away with a useful tit-bit!

That is why I am referred to as the Business Godparent (by many) and have gone onto create our Business Godparent newspaper. If you would like to read the latest edition, then click here to read it now.

As a business Godparent, I am there for our clients as their trusted advisor. I introduce them to other key professionals who can source them funding, sort their marketing out, arrange their insurances etc and I have a fantastic team of knowledgable and experienced people to back me up.

Most importantly, I am there to listen. I will never forget the client who called me on Boxing Day because his tax refund cheque fell off the mantlepiece into the log fire!

Another worrying statistic from the survey was that 468 out of the 1,000 businesses don’t buy other services from their own accountant. But why wouldn't someone want to be relieved of time-consuming tasks and have someone take care of the financial side while they focus on running the business?

You will be pleased to know that I practice what I preach and outsource my own payroll to a third party as it’s just a time-consuming task which prevents me from focusing on my own clients.

So the question is this: are you using your accountant enough? We really could change your life!

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